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About Us

The world of manuscripts in India, like the land itself, is vast and complex— our rich repository of knowledge has been passed down for generations through oral and written traditions using a variety of writing materials such as stones, copper plates, birch bark, palm leaves, parchments and paper. Not all these manuscripts are the subject of worship; however, these scripts contain vidya, or gyan (knowledge)— written words that might not all be sacred but contain a natural reverence even today.

Our quest at Shrutdeep is to pass on the intellectual legacy of Jain Tirthankars to the generations to come by involving ourselves in projects like digitization and transliteration*

Our Story

In 2008, Shri Vairagyarativijayji Maharaj Saheb was studying the PrashamRati Prakaran, a grantha that has been compiled and edited with the help of torn copies. While going through the dilapidated pages, the idea and the importance of preserving such granthas were born.

With it rose Shrutdeep Research Foundation.

A research foundation dedicated to preserving and passing on the rich intellectual legacy found within ancient manuscripts to the generations of Jain practitioners, scholars, and those of faith who were ready to spiritually and academically invest in the future of Jain philosophy.

Currently, this team of students, researchers, and mentors are studying directly under Shri Vairagyarativijayji Maharaj Saheb at Shrut Bhavan, Pune. Here, there are dedicated divisions for research, cataloguing, and printing and is also a centre for handwritten scriptures.

Our work is to locate, collect and scan these manuscripts from across the country, create an extensive database and catalogue them per scholars’ international requirements.

These are then read and rectified to ensure that the authenticity is maintained. Finally, post this, the manuscripts are critically edited and published, thus documenting and preserving the Jain philosophies and teachings, a valuable treasure from the ancient world, a gift to the future.