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Critical Editing Department

Many of our ancient scriptures have not been published. And those published need to be authenticated, edited and corrected. At Shrut Bhavan Research Centre, we have taken up the enormous task of compiling and editing more than 30,000 scriptures based on ancient manuscripts. The authentic and supportive content will enormously enrich this compilation. As a result, our future generation will be able to receive the most authentic versions of our scriptures.

This work is being carried out by scholars trained by Gurudev Pujya Shrutratna Ganivarya Vairagyarati Vijayaji and various Sadhu bhagawants.

This work is done in three stages:

  • Transliteration:

    Transliterate the ancient manuscript into a modern script.

  • Critical Editing:

    Correcting the transliterated script

  • Authentication:

    Determine the most authentic version from different manuscripts available; and prepare an appendix of reference material.

More than 735 scriptures (> 16,900 pages) have been transliterated. In addition, more than 323 unpublished scriptures have been made available in 52 collections.