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The life of books printed on paper using current technologies is very short. Therefore, Shrut Bhavan has come up with the idea of using time-tested palm leaves, tadpatra, to keep the legacy of our precious knowledge alive forever. After many tests, it was decided to write scripture on the palm leaves. Using the latest laser marking, the problem of ink sticking to the palm leaf gets eliminated. As a result, the life of a palm leaf is three times more than that of handmade paper. The palm leaf is also safe from water.

The scriptures critically edited and revised by Shrut Bhavan will be inscribed on the palm leaves. Their copies will be preserved in ancient Hastalikhit Bhandars (Manuscript preservation centres). Each scripture will contain about 50 pages. Presently, 20 such bhandars have been selected and are easily reachable by Sadhu Bhagwant and scholars.

The box of Burma teak is prepared to hold 2 to 3 different scriptures, depending on the text volume. Each box will have 6 pothis, a collection of tadpatra sets, having 50 pages of tadpatra in each pothi.

This pothi will be kept in the bag of Khadi cloth.