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Progress & Milestones

1. Digitisation: Unlocking the Secrets of a Million Pages

Immersed in the pursuit of knowledge, Shrut Deep Research Foundation has digitised more than 1,35,000 manuscripts, encompassing a staggering 82,00,000 pages. Drawing from over 92 gyan bhandars (repositories), these manuscripts now transcend their physical boundaries, forever preserved in a digital realm.

2. Cataloguing the Handwritten Legacies

Beyond mere preservation, the foundation has meticulously listed over 45 gyan bhandars containing handwritten manuscripts. These precious works, revered relics of the past, are now carefully documented, their existence acknowledged for future generations.

3. Scholarly Endeavours: A Collective Effort

Driven by a collective passion for scholarship, the diligent efforts of more than 20 scholars resonate within the hallowed halls of Shrut Deep Research Foundation. With scanning, listing, research, and editing at the core of their work, these devoted individuals breathe life into the manuscripts, ensuring their integrity and scholarly value.

4. Expanding the Horizon: Unveiling Countless Manuscripts

In an ardent pursuit to encompass the vast depths of our cultural heritage, Shrut Deep Research Foundation has listed over 7,00,000 manuscripts from more than 300 gyan bhandars. Each manuscript carries within it a fragment of our collective wisdom, waiting to be explored by the curious minds of the present and future.

5. Transliteration: Resurrecting the Written Word

The foundation’s commitment to accessibility extends to the realm of transliteration. More than 735 handwritten manuscripts, comprising an impressive 16,900 pages, have been painstakingly transformed into a form that transcends language barriers. Through this feat, the essence of these manuscripts reaches a wider audience, bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and contemporary seekers.

6. The Power of Publication: Illuminating the Scholarly Granthas

Within the folds of forgotten manuscripts lie undiscovered treasures of wisdom. Shrut Deep Research Foundation recognizes their worth and has taken up the task of editing and publishing 323 unpublished scholarly granthas. These profound works, curated with meticulous care, now find their voice within 52 captivating books.

7. Spreading the Light: A Gift to Knowledge Seekers

The foundation’s generosity knows no bounds. The published granths, like beacons of wisdom, have been freely distributed to more than 320 gyan bhandars, research institutes, and universities. Esteemed institutions such as LD Institute Of Indology (Ahmedabad), B.L. Institute of Indology Delhi (New Delhi), Veer Narmad Univ (Surat), and Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute (Pune) have been enriched with these profound insights.