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There are approximately five hundred Jain bhandars where about 2 million manuscripts are preserved. By compiling a list of all these treasures and preparing a list of all the Jain manuscripts available, Vardhmaana Jina Ratna Kosha will address the need for authentic reference. This will enable quick and easy access to original manuscripts, speeding up research and editing activities.

Digitization of manuscripts is also done as a related activity of this project. Based on this, a helpful index is prepared for the scholars according to the international standard. Under this project, information on more than 7,00,000 (7 lakh) manuscripts of 300 Bhandaras has been collected to date. 1,00,000 manuscripts of 56 Bhandaras have been digitized (55,00,000 pages). A listing of more than 35 Bhandaras has been created.

All this information has been compiled in software called Matrikaadeepa. This allows us to easily and quickly obtain expected manuscripts information in minutes.

An estimated 30,000 scriptures have been composed in the twenty-six hundred-year history of Jinshaasana. A Jain Kriti Kritikar Kosh is being prepared to make their specific information available.